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Why Are My Windshield Wipers Squeaky, and What Can I Do About It?

You’re on a long road trip enjoying the rainy weather and cool breezes when some unusual sounds distract you; they’re coming from your windshield wipers! The windshield wipers create high-pitched noises, not because of the cold but because they’re malfunctioning. Driving with such wipers is unsafe and increases the risk of road accidents. Here are some reasons behind squeaky wipers and their easy fixes.

Dirt and Dust Particles

The most common cause of squeaky wipers is dirt collection on the car windshield. While driving, small sandstones, debris, and muddy particles settle on the windshield, causing piercing noise when the wiper blades strike.

What Can You Do?

Clean your windshields with a soft cloth and an ammonia-free glass cleaner. Ammonium remnants in the cleaner can cause scratches and tints on the windscreen. For long-lasting results, schedule maintenance with an auto glass specialist regularly.

Wiper Blades

Like windshield, dust can also accumulate on your wiper blades, causing wear and tear when they move. Therefore, give special attention to your wiper blade’s cleanliness, and make sure they’re grime-free.

What Can You Do?

Use a toothbrush to clean the dirt from your wiper blade nook and corners. You can also use an alcohol spray to enhance the cleaning. But installing high-quality wiper blades saves you from regular cleaning.

Brittle Wiper Rubber

After cleaning the windscreen and the wiper blades, if squeaky sounds persist, there may be a problem in the wiper’s mechanics. Inspect the rubber duster of the wiper first. With time, they become brittle and lose their flexibility.

What Can You Do?

Buy and install new rubber squeegees from an auto glass specialist for your car windshield.

Wiper Adjustment and Position

Windshield wipers also make screeching sounds when their screws loosen. Such wipers are risky to drive with and need professional replacement.

What Can You Do?

You can use a wrench to adjust the position of the wipers. If the sound continues, it means your wiper blade assemblers have worn out and need replacement by auto glass professionals.

Reduced Windshield Fluid

Often when you turn on your wipers to clear the windshield with insufficient moisture, they shriek. It’s because there isn’t enough lubricating fluid to run the wipers.

What Can You Do?

Think about refilling your car with the windshield washer fluid. Contact auto glass professionals as they’re well-aware of washer fluid types that suit different cars.

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