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Tesla Glass: What You Need To Know

Tesla is an automotive company in the US that manufactures electric cars and engineers solar panels with its SolarCity subsidiary energy company. The co-founder and CEO of Tesla Inc, Elon Musk, announced the Tesla Semi truck with glass windshield armor back in 2017. Termed as a breakthrough technology, the Tesla Semi truck is claimed to perform like a sports car with its economical fuel power, acceleration, speed, and safety features. If you’re curious to know about the specialized Tesla Glass used for the semi windshield and windows, read along to know more about its qualities and features that make it stand out from the rest.

Tesla Semi’s ‘Armor Glass’ Can Withstand A Thermonuclear Explosion

The CEO has claimed that the Tesla Glass is made with nuclear explosion-proof glass and can withstand the impact of a tow hitch. A video was released by the marketing representative of the company that showed a side-by-side comparison of a tow hitch hitting standard and Tesla armor glass. The standard glass cracks and shatters upon impact while the Tesla Glass remains unblemished and smooth. Rosie Mottsmith, the staff engineer at Tesla, shared her experience of testing the strength and durability of the armor glass. Her team hurled various objects and fired projectiles from cannons as proof of its innovative and sturdy design.

Semi’s Huge Glass Windshield Is A Vital Safety Feature

The hardwearing and sturdy material of the glass guarantees durability and longevity for Semi trucks. The CEO of Tesla shared their philosophy behind the armor glass windshield for the Semi truck. They realize the plight of truck drivers and how costly auto glass repairs can get for the huge glass panes of the trucks. The Tesla Glass protects the vehicle and the truck driver while on the road and provides them with a stunning view from the high perch of the Semi.

The Truck Goes Into Production In 2019

The revolutionary armor glass of the Tesla Semi is expected to go into production in 2019. Powered by 4 electric motors, the Tesla Semi will change the game for the automotive industry. Unveiling the prototype in late 2017, the armor Tesla Glass is equipped with touchscreen displays (Head-Up Display (HUD) technology) on the windshield which is, as they claim, “explosion-proof.”

Safe And Reliable Auto Windshield Replacement

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